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Translation It is an activity that covers the interpretation of the meaning of a text in one language – the source text – and the production of a new text in another language, but that reflects the original text as accurately as possible in the target language. The resulting text is also called translation.

Writing It is the process of writing a text. It is a present activity in civilized culture since the invention of writing, and currently considered a professional and artistic field in literature, production routes for the preparation of reports and documents, advertising and journalism – among many other areas.

Audio transcription: This task is to transcribe a sound recording in the form of a written text. In order to perform a good service, professionals invest in equipment that provides them with the best sound quality, precise control over the playback of recorded audio and speed in the transcript.

Modes: An important detail to be agreed between the client and the service provider is the goal of transcription: whether to transmit the content of what was said or prioritize the form. In the first case, the text will respect the cultural norms and your reading will be more fluent and appropriate to the texts written standards. For this, small errors, hesitations, pronunciation variations, etc. will be eliminated in the transcript. In the second case, the transcriber will use various conventions to represent precisely those aspects of oral language, which usually do not appear in the texts that we use to read. In order for both parties to know exactly what to expect from the service, these issues must be previously discussed.

Whatever the need, the professional’s choice is one of the most important factors to achieve a good result. In addition to cultural and technical knowledge, the appropriate professional performing legal services must have training in the area of law and great skill with the languages involved. Any word used in the wrong way can cause irreversible damages.

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